I Hate USB connections

In my setup I use a USB A to B and a USB A to micro. I’ve learned how to “tighten” USB A and I even have a cable with a “locking” connector. I have experimented with 4 different A to B to find one that is most reliable. I’ve had less issue with the micro USB because it is internal to my rack and never disturbed. Those connectors are generally pretty weak and break easily.

Laying contacts next to each other with little or no spring or snap in- is just poor design compared to good old 1/4 phone plugs such as a guitar cord. But USB is what is required for my equipment.

I’ve had a situation where the ferrite core in a USB cable eliminated noise so I am partial to those. Your suggestions for approx 10’ USB A to B cable and A to micro appreciated. Also if you have a technique to tighten a USB B connector would also be helpful.

I only use USB connections now. I must have about 11 such connections when I’m using my full rig for my Pink Floyd tribute band or with Security Project.

The trick however is to use neutrik connectors and sockets.


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I don’t think any of those huge round connectors will plug into my MacBooks or Behringer interfaces. What did you do- put your computer in another case big enough to hardwire those monsters?

No, I have a bunch of powered hubs inside my rack and they are just permanently connected to various devices inside the rack. So the Neutrik connectors on the back of the rack are internally connected to hubs and then I use USB cables with Neutrik connectors on one end to plug into the rack and the other end of each cable goes to an external device such as a keyboard or controller.

Rock solid, that rig has travelled all over the US as well as to Europe and Japan

Great to see something use it! I’m thinking about including them into my live rig for the next tour with my neo soul band.