I dont get it as usual

i want to control on/off buttons on my allen and heath console from stage with my boss gt1000
here lies the problem:
the a&h sends / recieves on off notes see image on the left
th gp1000 cc values and velocity but just one at the time see.image on the right

there is no way to change midibehaviour within the allen and heath

basically a scriplet wich turns :

cc 64 velocity 127 channel 5 (in from gt1000) ON
note on “” velocity 127 channel 5
note off “” velocity 0 channel 5
cc 64 velocity 0 channel 5 (in from gt1000) OFF
note on “” velocity 63 channel 5
note off “” velocity 0 channel 5

and this alltogether on a LED button on the panel

help very much apprechiated!!!

Have look at this scriptlet if it is what you need…
You can just MIDI learn the switch widget to your pedal (CC#64) and connect the Scriptlets output to the corresponding MIDI port of your A&H.

2021-10-09 18_13_37-Window

SwitchToNote_Scriptlet.gig (49 KB)

// Declare various kinds of parameters
ch_nr : Subrange Parameter 0..16 = 5
note_nr: Subrange Parameter 0..127 = 78
switch : Discrete Parameter "OFF", "ON" = "OFF"

On ParameterValueChanged matching switch
    If switch == "ON" Then
        SendNow(MakeNoteMessageEx(note_nr, 127, ch_nr))
        SendNow(MakeNoteMessageEx(note_nr, 0, ch_nr))
        SendNow(MakeNoteMessageEx(note_nr, 63, ch_nr))
        SendNow(MakeNoteMessageEx(note_nr, 0, ch_nr))

testing now…

i ow you 400000 tons of jever!!!

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:grin: :grin: :grin: So i assume it’s working? :beers: :beers: :beers:

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great thank you soo much!!!
if you re anywhere close to:
let me know and i ll put you and your gnädigste on se guestlist


Liestal could have been OK for me, but @schamass is now quicker than me for scripting :wink:

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name of you plus one!

Since Zappa is not so my favourite kind of music and my Gnädigste absolutely dislikes it, your offer is very kind, but not very tempting to me… :wink:
But i really would like to meet the forum-people in real life!

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good idea count me in…

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A GP summit in Freiburg Im Breisgau :beer::beers::pretzel:


Bin dabei :slight_smile:

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o.k. the next one…a scriplet (maybe?)
cc 6 coming in (volume pedal gp1000 set to cc 6 on channel 5
wich is what the a&h console wants for levels/volume.so far o.k.

but additonally the a&h needs:
cc 98 (in this example no 23) wich tells it it is a effects master send
plus it needs cc 99 to define channel number (wich one of the effects master sends)

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Not clear enough to me.

When the following incoming MIDI message is received by GP:

  • CC#6 value_ranging_from_0_to_127

GP produces in turn for each message:

  • CC#98 23
  • CC#99 channel_number
  • CC#6 value_ranging_from_0_to_127

Is this was you want to do? If not, please explain, if yes what should be the channel_number?

  • CC#98 23 = persists as it tells the console “its one of your effects sends”
  • CC#99 channel_number = tells the console “wich one of your effects sends”
  • CC#6 value_ranging_from_0_to_127 thats the fader level only

the 98 and 99 value is needed as soon i move the pedal,not shure, just once at the beginning.

add on:
cc99 are four stereo sends
17= second
18= third

the script in my noob language would be:
as soon you get cc6 value
execute once cc23 (value) and cc99 (value)
and pass cc6 all the time

  • CC#98 23 or CC#23 value? Then which value?
  • CC#99 value → which value?

in this case

sorry no cc23 at all…

OK, it should work as expected, but you in the Scriptlet you can modify the CC numbers and values. The following gig file is better than a long explanation:

TrippleCCSender_v0.9.gig (28.6 KB)

  • MIDI learn assign your own pedal controller
  • route the Scriptlet to your Mixer MIDI, that’s it

For further control, you can simply modify the CC# and values.

tausend dank!!!