How would I make the Max note variable?

I am new to Gig Performer and Mac so apologies if this question has already been answered

How do I make the keyboard split point variable and controlled by MIDI in Gig Performer. My keyboard controller is a GenuineSoundware DMC-122 dual manual which is in one hand is a decent B3 emulator and on the other a very useful MIDI controller.
What I am looking to do is to vary the max note value on the keyboard split within a Rackspace.
My reason for this is that I use the lower manual of the DMC-122 to play Left hand Bass and since I share the lower manual with alternate sound for comping I want to be able to change my Mac note bass range dynamically as needed to take a bass solo. Generally my MAX note key range is between C1 and F3 on the bottom manual which is the perfect range for walking bass lines with jazz and and the playing range is fine for most styles of music except when I want to take a solo which I do on a regular basis with Bass. Then I need to extend the range up to my Bass au sound library defaults which is F4. I need a solution though that will allow me to turn this on and off as needed since I also use the upper range to comp chords using the sound engine from the DMC-122. I have a volume control that I can easily turn off the lower manual output on the DMC during the bass solo.
Being able to toggle this on or off would make it much easier to utilize the full dynamic range of a four or five string bass instrument and then quickly switchback down to the comping range.
I know how I used to do this in Cantabile 3. Gig performer is much different though.

Thank you
Curt Foster

I think this is how you might be able to get that to work.
You can create two separate MIDI in blocks, routing one to each sound you want to use. you can then split the keyboard range in each block.

Then, create a dial widget, assign it to the MIDI In block for the bass sound. Scroll through the parameters to MinNote or MaxNote. Set the widget value as you see fit.

When you come out of Edit mode, turn the dial widget.
You’ll see the note values change, and that will change the MinNote/MaxNote(whichever you’ve chosen) of the split.

Thanks edm11,
That solution works well. I have to make sure I am not playing when I adjust the slider that I bound it to so that I don’t get stuck notes but it’s a perfect solution for the question that I had.

As a minor enhancement, if you want to narrow the range of the knob you can change the parameter scaling on the widget properties. For example, if you want the knob to hit a limit at F4 you could set the Parameter scaling Max to 52. (I believe that would correspond to F4.)

You could also achieve a similar result using a button widget if you just want it to function like “extend range” on or off. Like, you’d toggle it on to extend the range to F4, and when you click it off it goes back to F3.

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