How to record GP output?

I may have overlooked this in the manual, but is there a way to use GP’s built-in recorder to record the output of GP rather than the audio interface’s inputs? If so, I couldn’t figure it out.

Not directly, it’s on our list. However, depending on what you are trying to do, and on which platform you’re running, there are various approaches.

Tell us more what you want to do and also describe your setup (including your audio interface)

Well, I figured out a way to do it with hardware by connecting physical interface outputs to inputs and using GP to record audio that way. I am using a Behringer UMC204HD interface for audio output. And I am using GP for Virtual Instruments and VST fx controlled with a MIDI controller. I was thinking that it would be nice to have he option to record the output of GP so that I could capture all my fx and VI’s

The ability to automatically record the entire output is on our list. However, if you just need to record one rackspace, you could use the free MRecorder plugin (you can google it) which will save audio to wave files which you can then drag into your daw.

Ok. Thanks. This will be helpful.

Just to chime in here with the built in hardware option that you mentioned which many people might miss (I use that regularly with GP as well).

Many modern, digital mixers do come with the option to assign the main outs to different internal channels. As an example - in one of the bands I’m involved with - we use the Behringer’s XAir mixer and I routed the main outs to USB (it’s an audio interface as well) channels 17-18.

Once done you can see the main outs coming in normally on channels 17-18 in GP. When I record with GP - I not only record the individual inputs, but also the overall main output simply by selecting the channels 17-18 in the recorder. You may choose to record the main output mix only for example or you may route the individual channels differently and capture the output of a single performer.


I would love a similar feature to record MIDI as well. Then I could drag the MIDI file to my DAW

The MRecorder plugin works really well to record the output of a rackspace. I might make it a default plugin on all my rackspaces. The plugin includes a setting to “Append number to the filename” which means it will automatically create a new file with the date/time each time you record. e.g. Set the default filename as “GP_Out_” and then every time you record it will automatically create a file like “GP_Out_2019_07_13 21_00_49.wav”.

And you can also add a widget for the Record and Pause functions so you can trigger the record without opening the plugin.