How to move thru song parts via multiple controllers?


I would like to be able to move thru song parts via the “move up” and “Move down” from several different controllers:

  1. via the GuitarWing when I am on guitar,
  2. via my keyboard when I am on keyboard,
  3. via a footswitch (using MIDI Exspress I/O) when I am conducting,
  4. via the Apple IAC bus from Ableton Live

at various points in a single performance. Of course they would all transmit the same pair off cc values (96, 97). GP however seems to always tie those to a particular controller. Please tell me oh wise and mighty GP creators and users, how might I accomplish this?


Multi mapping like this is on our list but has not been implemented yet :disappointed_relieved:
However, you can do this really easily using something like the free MidiPipe application. Basically build a “pipe” that receives those commands from your controllers and then sends a single message to GP using a “midipipe” port that GP would listen to.

Other tools that could be used to do this are OSCulator, Max or Max4Live using either MIDI or by converting incoming MIDI messages from your devices into OSC messages to control GP

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