How to limit after touch amount

I use after touch to control tremolo mapping it to the plugin’s amount knob. Of course, when I apply AT, the amount swings right around to full which does sound a bit odd and extreme. I have fiddled with the graph but not sure how to use it to limit the AT amount. Can someone help me here with an adjustable setting to limit after touch amount? TIA.

Use a widget (knob or fader) midi-learn it to your controller and parameter-learn it (the widget) to the plugin parameter of your choice.
Then use the scale function on the value tab of the widget properties to set the min/max values to be sent to the plugin when there is no AT (min value) or full AT (max value).
That’s it.




Thanks Erik. I’ll give it a go.

I followed the screen shots, but using the settings shown dropped the volume down quite a bit, which is not what I wanted. Also, I used CC#1 (modulation) rather than aftertouch which I couldnt make work at all. Are there other settings I should be looking at as well?

Please upload a rackspace showing the issue

Sorry, I’ve been busy. I will do this in the next day or so.

You probably need to play with the scaling to limit the effect of the AT

I figured it out. The mod wheel was mapped to expression, hence the volume drop. All good now.
Thanks for the input to all concerned.

Well, I tried but still no joy. Because I am going directly into the plugin (Melda MTremolo,) I don’t have access to the graph associated with the midi in block which would allow me graph adjustment. Perhaps I am attempting the process the wrong way. Is there an alternative?

What do you mean by directly? Are you using host automation? If no, why not?

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From what i can see on the screnshot with the widgets, there is no value scaling done.
Al, please upload this rackspace (not the whole gig file) so that people can have a look at it…

I now see that host automation is used, but the value tab of the widget properties, would be of higher interest to see the curve…

I guess there is no min/max adjustment done - at least this is what the “value” ring of the widget indicates.

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Done: Many thanks for the input so far.
YOU ‘AINT GOIN’ NOWHERE (NTAR}.rackspace (1.4 MB)

But this seems to be a whole other rackspace than the one you took the screenshots from?
This one doesn’t have any widgets on its panel… and widgets are an essential part of the game if you want to win it! :wink:

However, here is a simplified rackspace to show you how it works… use the “Edit” function on the widget’s MIDI tab to adjust the aftertouch source for your keyboard!
aftertouch scaling.rackspace (22.9 KB)



I knew it was simple, and I knew I had already done it some time ago. Amazing how forgetfulness creeps up on us old guys. I was attempting to scale the plugin values, whereas I should have been scaling the controlling widgets values. Dumb mistake. Thanks Erik and others - all good now.