How to download all of the GP documentation?

I’m sure this is a no-brainer, but I’m obviously having brain issues because I’m struggling with this. What’s the simplest way to download the GP4 user manual so that I can peruse it locally without needing an internet connection? I don’t mind if it’s PDF or HTML.

Here’s the PDF version:

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Super, thanks!

@npudar Nemanja - I had the same exact question way back when I first purchased GP and before this wonderful PDF existed, and I’ve seen others with the same question since then.

It might be worthwhile posting and pinning this in the Welcome to Gig Performer Community Category? Your thoughts?

The download is available on the official GP web site

I just pasted the direct link here, but yes - it is available on the Support page and in the Announcements category. Every time a new update/upgrade is published, the PDF is also attached :slight_smile:

I never knew is was available though Announcements. You have to click on the GP update link first, sometimes scroll back through a lot of comments to the original post and find the link there. Support is the main website and you can click through the pages to the online manual and find the link there.

As it turns out, the rightmost tab here in the Community is Docs (!) - which is actually the online Manual!!! And in the “More” icon at the top right corner of the page you can find the link for the printable version! Someone was thinking about this!

Suggestion - change the tab title from Docs to “GP Manual” (since that’s all that is there - it is what it is), or “GP Manual and Docs”?

It’s actually an elegant solution done awhile ago, but if Community members keep asking where it is the title isn’t registering. I’m all for GP Manual instead of Docs, but you can bet I will be using it now I know where it is - and so handy!

Yep, that was a nice idea of @schamass.
So we did it :slight_smile:

“Docs” is short, longer versions didn’t quite fit to that bar.

You can always bookmark any useful page in your favorite Web browser.


LoL, now I know, no need for bookmarks. I still like Manual though - what’s two more letters amoungst friends :slight_smile: