How to do this diagram

Spent so much time trying to figure this all out as a nooby, I drew this all out to see if it made sense and how to do it ….
Hopefully, I’m making sense here…
So here are 3 different clarifications of what I hope to do.
A. Stab at Overview explanation of possibilities
B. A couple diagrams


  1. Just need to play 6string guitar as usual with a consistent steady sound, ( 1/2 MG2 piano__presently working great.

  2. ALSO: Need the lower E string triggering a bass drum hit.

  3. PLUS: EAD strings = bassline


  1. the upper register Gbe strings triggering sustained orchestral or cello, supporting background movement.

  2. AND. Upper register Gbe triggering HiHat or such.

My playing style developed over decades does this already, but I need more dynamics in addition to that:

• bass,
• drums,
• orchestral supporting atmosphere

Then of course ultimately a singing chorus

This I intend to be recorded live or ultimately performed live

PLEASE NOTE: The pickup is a HEX I will appoint top 3 strings EAD___ & ___bottom 3 strings Gbe TO GO OUT LEFT AND RIGHT. In other words top 3 are the lower bass sound / bottom 3 > the higher treble sound.

Rather than 6 strings out 6 channels, JUST 2 sets out L & R

Of course would rather, just the onboard Taylor pickup go through interface and accomplish this digitally.________________________________________

How can you know that the E string is playing ? The lowest note played is not always played on the E string… :thinking:

How exactly should the HiHat be triggered?

Thanks David-san…

I probably didn’t do a very good job with my query. Sorry.

I was attempting to make a clarified & visual of my goal.

I have played guitar for 67 years and now I write music like crazy, something I never realized would actually occur.

So, I need to
A. get it all down recorded & published for whatever the purpose will be and all before I just disappear off the map.

Well, like leaving a legacy one could surmise. That said:

The map per se is supposed to represent what I hope to do and I am checking to see if I get any responses like…well here is how I would do it.

Then I will probably just go for it depending on how good it is.

You see, I’m a nooby and I just don’t have years to figure it out.

I want to digitally ( focusrite interface) my Taylor guitar through some kind of vst that will sound very clean, classical and awesome sophisticated. I can do this live, but I know in my heart of hearts that it can be done here.

Problem is I don’t know how to go about it. I mean I tried a couple free vst’s in Ableton and it was pretty lousy. But I just know that you guys probably already know how.

I should add that I am talking about plugging the guitar into a midi software and playing vst’s with that.

Then I also can see, ( sort of a tapping into the ether world) that I should be able to easily somehow have a the lower register strings, EAD, go midi thru its own channel and play only bass strings from that EAD.

I don’t know how to do this, so I am just blabbing my way through it. Sorry.

I know that in Ableton, you can run any source through a ton of midi channels with different sounds in each ( if one knows how to vst)

So a big question here besides the whole shootin match is:

Can I run things through different channels or ports in Gig Performer?

I am visualizing getting probably the low E on the guitar to process a bass drum, because that is my style of playing.

I do a lot with my right hand…percussive, muffled or not, bass notes and low percussion with every chord.

These days I am purposely playing acoustic only and hanging out at the bridge for as many open strings as I can.

It is true that when I play the D chord, I always dwell on the open D string…so I guess in some cases it should be the bass, but then again that is why I am saying EA & D, going through a bass of some sort.

Meanwhile, my personal playing style developed over decades not in bars, but improvising the guitar constantly….the style also, uses the knuckles and whatever to percussively play the upper register strings Gbe.

The finger nails quite often chime in for a more horn section like interlude between verses.

Those too could also run through perhaps some cymbal or hi hat.

And last but not least getting any of them to per se, play maybe a cello on sustain as a background support for the song.

Looking for building quickly to a situation where I have girls singing chorus, my daughter playing cello and a very good friend whos dad was pro drummer in the big bands back in the 50’s.

The son who was raised in those clubs is a natural at understanding the groove, pocket etc. He also hunts mountain goats in Alaska and has his name spoken of in major gun engraving giant famous books. Blah blah.

Anyway, so, I wondering what does anyone who knows this stuff, how would you or them, arrange this in Gig Performer?

Sorry for the ramble, but I figure if I going to explain my situation, I better just get in on. Hope that’s ok. Thanks David

@1MANBAN I’m just a gig performer user myself a bit younger than you, but still with grandchildren. You are describing both routing your guitar through audio effects, which is fairly straightforward to accomplish with Gig Performer, but also of deriving MIDI note data from your guitar playing, which can get a bit more tricky. But these are not really things Gig Performer itself will do as I think you realize, that’s going be done by the VSTs you host in Gig Performer.

I know there are many guitarists using GP maybe they can recommend some VSTs that will generate MIDI? You might also want to look into getting a hardware “MIDI bridge” detector added to your guitar, but I know they are quite demanding of playing technique to get good results from. I’ve never heard a guitarist rave about one.

As for bass range notes you may want to take an audio only approach and use something like a sub octave plugin to accomplish a bottom end to your bottom 4 strings? This will have the advantage of following your playing much more closely, but being in tune will be critical. The process of detecting MIDI notes accurately especially in low frequencies can introduce latency which you probably don’t want.

As far as triggering other instruments from particular strings, Gig Performer doesn’t help with that specifically but two ideas occur to me: you might be able to use a really sharp almost crossover band pass filter to “catch” those particular notes and feed that audio to a MIDI detector then on to a synth. But again the latency might be a problem for you, especially if the low notes are really short. May not detect the note correctly much of the time.

Another approach you might want to consider is a live looper type of setup where you have your percussion and bass notes recorded as MIDI file loops and you improvise with those looping in a pattern you arrange. This would solve the problems of low note MIDI detection etc and would also give you obvious flexibility in accompaniment sounds.

Of course Gig Performer can give you a customizable looper scenario beyond the dreams of drummers just a few years ago. We sure have seen a lot change since AM radio was where it was all at!

You also might want to have a look at this thread:

The other issue with this, that was mentioned above, is that the range of the strings overlap. Even if you could filter the E string perfectly, it would only allow you for E through G# before you start affecting the A string. That would be a pretty big limitation imo.

There are hex pickups with 6 separate outputs rather than just stereo, I’m told. If you’re really trying to do a bunch of different things on different strings, it seems to me that would be the way to go. It’s far easier to combine signals than to separate them.

@1MANBAN, if you want to use only two audio inputs, what you want to do necessitates a different wiring:

L-input: EADGB
R-input: ADGBe

L-input will be processed by one instance #1 of GM2 to produce the set of notes Notes#1
R-input will be processed by one instance #2 of GM2 to produce the set of notes Notes#2

Notes#1 and Notes#2 will have to be fed into a GP Scriptlet plugin for processing which will work based on the following:

  • notes not present in both Notes#1 and Notes#2 sets are either played on the E string or on the e string
  • we can now differentiate between two groups of notes either played on middle strings (ADGB) or lower or higher strings (Ee)
  • if a note from (Ee) is lower then B2 (mid range of the guitar) it is played on the E string, if not it is played on the e string
    => so we are able to split notes in 3 groups (E) (ADGB)(e)
  • a note played on (E) will also produce a Bass Drum sound
  • a note played on (e) will also produce a HiHat sound
  • the overall range can be split into notes subranges independently of the string they are played on

If you are satisfied with this behavior and if you own GM2 can retire your pickups as described, I will help you with the Scriptlet programming. :wink:

EDIT: I don’t know much about HEX pickups, but if the two pickups group could be directly (Ee) and (ADGB) the Scriptlet could be really easy, not to say straightforward.

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Hey guys… bout a year ago, I took a shot at picking your brains about MG2 and I drew up some diagrams. I proposed the same questions to 2 different communities: MG2 & Gig Performer.
The result felt like it blew up. Then following that, Windows 7 absolutely quit support and I felt forced to migrate to Windows 10. That was a nightmare, then the Covid nightmare, and finally…here I am. Was hoping to be able to help and contribute something, but really if done properly it just takes forever to come round the bend.
WINDOWS 10 | MG2 | 16GB ram | 6 processor AMD gigabyte
Love What you see is what you get software. Software can be a pain to get over the curve, but simplified WYSIWYG software is the Greatest. I dreaded spending a year trying to grasp a mental picture of a daw until I saw Gig Performer. I feel confident in hooking things up. Thanks guys.
I’m playing 60 years guitar through a Midi Guitar 2 software. With a gaming computer its great. But I need to hook up with a Gig Performer tried and true, EQ and some spontaneous drum sounds with specific strings I hit. Like bass on the lower register and snare/ cymbals with the upper register. I think you know what I’m talking, right?
Trouble is in the last year of forging forward, I realized my picking style is quite dependent on certain circumstances. I don’t use a pick, not in 40 years.
I just began driving my hand into the strings long ago and I guess some kind of style came out of it.
Utilzing the butt of the palm, the softer tips of thumb and fingers….and…half the time alternating with the backs of the nails, both thumb and fingers. I realize those are my horn section if you will. When composing a piece, the muted low end drives the beat and the back of the nails bring forth a higher frequency of poly strikes.
If I incorporated a horn section or whatever, I would simply have them come in with the nail strikes. Wow, so dependent on it, that I found myself not dwelling on MG2 in the Gig Performer DAW, but just picking the guitar up…and I was like…but why? Then the realization of how 50% of the events were nails. Boom chaka boom. Don dant. Whatever.
So, I still for the life of me, I cannot get across the barrier of not having any clue to buy a vst that will give me per midi control hit, a bass drum or snare/ cymbals with the nails, and or those particular strings.
I can work around any of that probably, but cannot by pass the use of the nails.

OR….AND… some kind of EQ or whatever that will mellow out the Tin-ee-ness caused by the nails. PLEASE….and thank you guys… you are beautiful. All I do is play. I cant spread wings until I have my instant response percussion on the fly and the nails toned down, yet still bright as Angel light. 
Direct drum response & mellow nail tone?

Melda Production has a range of free plugins including an eq. It does the job. Nothing exotic, but in my view that’s a good thing.


Yeah, i use Melda’s parametric EQ quite often… it does a good job!


Ive seen that name like the recorder or something, Ill check it out. I’ve need one desperatly for way to long.

Thank you very much