How to configure virtual routing when changing audio interface?

Hello Gig performers ;),
I’ve been using Gig performer on Windows 10/11 for almost a year now, and first thing I have is that it’s just awesome !
So thanks to the developpers / founders / contributors !

I created my rackspaces and configured everything with a Soundcraft audio interface (signature 12MTK), which has 12 inputs and 14 outputs. I use this config during rehearsals.
When I play live, I’m using a simple Presonus Studio 26 USB, which has only 2 inputs and 4 outputs.

My problem is that the automatic virtual routing coded in Gig performer was working like a charm, virtually routing the 2 main outputs of my soundcraft config (13 and 14) to the main output 1 and 2 of my Presonus. Since yesterday, when it suddenly, after a simple windows rebooting, decided to virtually route the signal to the outputs 3 and 4 of my Presonus … and I don’t understand why !

The problem is that I can’t modify the gain on these outputs, and that’s a problem for me.

Do you have any idea of what happened to modify this automatic routing ?
And last one : is there anyway to change this virtual routing in GP ? (I’ve read about ASIO Link Pro, but I’m first looking for a simple way to do this, I hope directly in GP, or maybe in Windows ?)

Thanks for your help !


Anyone with an idea ? :sweat_smile::pray:

Looks like the Windows Update updated the driver of your audio interface. :thinking:

This also looks like something happened with your driver or software.

ASIO Link Pro can help you with routing through multiple Gig Performer instances or audio aplications.

What you really need is something that Mac users have - an aggregate audio device. I know that ASIO4ALL is capable of aggregating multiple audio devices (including virtual cables), but there’s a tradeoff - you’ll have more added latency to your setup.

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Did not thought about a windows update process on the driver ! Sounds like a good trail :slight_smile:
By the way, the thing about the gain is a hardware choice (limitation ?), not a driver driven thing.

I’ll have a look at ASIO Link Pro.

Thanks for your help !