How to approach different Kontakt instruments with a common backing track


Apologies if this has been answered before, but I’m having trouble formulating a productive search.

I’m putting together some combination of rackspaces and variations to do a medley. Each of the three component songs uses a different set of samples, mapped out in Kontakt. The backing track is common to all three. Is the best approach run three instances of Kontakt, then set up a widget to mute the unused ones? Any better way to approach this?


Why not just put the Audioplayer/Streaming player with the backing track in the Global Rackspace and then simply have three separate rackspaces with the needed Kontakt configurations.
I don’t see the problem?!


How I see it, you are going to load three different Kontakt sample sets (“Instruments”) into ram no matter what (you are not reusing the same instrument). So, it seems simpler to me to just create 3 rackspaces like Schamass said.

(But, if you preferred, you could put all three Kontakt instances in the same rackspace and setbup widgets with bypass.)

Then i would definitely prefer the three rackspaces approach, because

  • You wouldn’t have to waste a single thought about getting stuck notes or audio buffers which aren’t emptied properly.
  • The transistion between the sounds when switching rackspaces would be quite smooth.
  • The rackspaces could be easily activated externally by using corresponding PC numbers

Just go ahead and try it! Keep things as simple as possible!
If you really should encounter any issues if you’d use separate rackspace (which i honestly doubt), then we still could think about optimizing the situation… :beers:
Don’t try to solve a problem that probably doesn’t exist at all. :wink:

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The other way to do this is just create three Kontakt instruments (one for each set of samples) and put them in a single instance of Kontakt. Then you can just switch from one instrument to another in various ways.


Thanks, those are all great ideas.

Unless I’m missing something, the problem with putting the backing tracks In the global rackspace is that I will have other songs that will require their own backing tracks. As far as I can tell, I can’t use the streaming player because I have more than one stereo track to play and I can’t load a new set of audio files in the regular player programatically. Since the whole idea of using backing tracks is new, I’m just getting up to speed on the capabilities.

I’m leaning toward three instance of Kontakt in the rackspace and muting two of them in each of three variations, but switching instruments inside of Kontakt is an option I hadn’t considered. In spite of using it for a long time, I’ve barely scratched the surface with it.

Have a look at the documentation of the SAFP (Streaming File Audio Player): - especially at the parameters list!
Streaming Audio File Player (

There is the parameter “Track Number”…

Bind this parameter to a knob widget in the Global Rackspace, then make this widget available to the local rackspaces as “Global Parameter” and then you can switch to any track, according to the setting in the local rackspaces.

How to control widgets from the Global rackspace in a regular rackspace? (