How to add new VST's or check for missing

I am trialling the software prior to purchase. I can not find a location through which I can either add VST’s or review the VST’s already captured. Any gentle advice would be appreciated.

Please have a look in the Window menu at the “Plugin Manager”

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Please see Before You Start which describes what needs to be done

Also, here is information specifically about using the plugin manager

Also make sure to check out this blog article:

Thanks for that. VST’s all working now. The next question is that I have a signicant lag between playing the piano and getting sound. I am using a Scarlett 6i6.
I am working with an Intel Core i9 @3Ghz with 16GB of RAM. Never had any latency issues on other software to date. Any suggestions as to the cause?

How looks your audio setting in gig performer?
How much sample buffer did you set ?

Make sure that you use ASIO drivers.

I am using a Scarlett 4i4 (3rd Gen), Sample Rate: 48000, Buffer Size: 192
I worked with an Intel i7 @ 4Ghz with 16GB of RAM and had no latency issues with GP but sometimes “nice” cracks and pops. Now I am using 32GB RAM and it is perfect.

Perhaps you only needed to optimize it :slight_smile:

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