How Do I Manager Audio Interfaces Using Rig Manager


I am starting to setup the Rig Manager to manger my different hardware setups:

  • Rehearsal venue uses DGX-620 USB-MIDI, iRig Keys I/O 25 both USB-MIDI and USB-Audio. Audio is connected to a small keyboard amp stored at the rehearsal venue.
  • Home setup (same as above except Roland RD-800 USB-MIDI), audio goes from iRig into near field monitor system.
  • Live venue has a MIDI 1.0 keyboard, plus I use a UM-ONE USB-MIDI adapter with iRig Keys I/O 25 (only use the USB-MIDI) and Radial USB Pro (USB audio I/F with built in DI and Iso transformers, etc). Audio goes from the Radial to the FoH.

I had no difficulty assigning the different MIDI combinations.

I couldn’t find a way to assign audio interfaces using Rig Manager.

Is this supported? Or did I just miss something in the manual? If it’s not support (yet) it may be a good feature addition for an upcoming version.



Rig Manager is only for Midi.

Yes, management of audio interfaces is on our list of things to improve.


My rig has to work with 3 different interfaces. What I do is use loopback, and create an aggregate virtual device combining the virtual channels with an audio device. I have 3 instances running: my keyboard instance, my audio instance (keys/guitars/vocals), my output instance (maps outputs from audio instance to audio interface). This is working great for me so far.

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