How can I see the global panels) while in set list mode?

I want to find out if I can move my rackspace panel to the global panel(s) . This is possible, but then I do not see the panel anymore.

Is there somewhere a setting to show the global panels? (or can I even select which ones to be visible?) while in set list mode?

(still have to solve more issues, like how to access a plugin from a specific rackspace, or if I can move the plugin to the global rackspace etc).

In either panels or setlist view, you just click the bar at the bottom to show the global panels:

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How could I overlook that, thanks !

You must be too distracted with amazing panel creation :wink:


I guess so yes :slight_smile: my list of things I want to add is growing faster than I have free time to implement :slight_smile:


You are a very structured person.

I just get older and forget things (like how to show the global rackspace) :wink:

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I am on the other side :wink:
I do what is necessary to achieve the goal.
I avoid to show controls of a plugin our separate level of mixer, because when balanced, I do not need them.
GUI Layout is a time eater (“Zeitfresser”).


I haven’t noticed it, but should indeed do some checks … I probably would solve this problem by creating a way to hide/show the mixer for balancing (so another item for the list :slight_smile: )