How can I get PluginAlliance RackspaceTemplates in my full version?

I bought the full version of GP3 a few months ago. No I also got the PluginAlliance MEGA subscription. As I am using several no-PA Plugins, I wanna keep using my independent, full version GP3.

Is there any way I could still access the rack spaces that seem to be available for the PA-Plugins, without negatively impacting my super stable GP3 installation?

Sure - just use your PA edition and open any of the templates, then simply save that as a new gig file and then you can open it in any GP3 version.

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Thank you. Is it safe to install the PA version of GP and surely not overwrite my full version or the license or the settings?

Gig Performer 3 and Gig Performer 3 Plugin Alliance Edition can be installed at the same time without issues. Settings will be shared, but not overwritten.


Superb! Thank you!! :pray::+1: