Hmm, need help, ....midi in not recognised

i´ve NOT used GP3 over a couple of weeks ( to hot in summer in my appartment),
and now that i wanted to test a VST that i have was i NOT able to play it.
I´m in fact not able to play any of my old gigs.

i loaded several ones. Can´t play one.
i have also NO midi input shown in the midi monitor.
( final sum up: it has to be a midi problem)

my masterkeyboard ( SL88 Grand) is connected to the PC ( macmini) and i can play Pianoteq in standalone.

when i open the midi settings in GP3 is there a couriosity:
where my midi devices ( incl. the SL88) are listed, can i NOT deselect (or select) any of the check boxes. IMHO, do they also look different than expected.
A tiny bit less bright, like set back a bit.

Things get wilder:
i powered my Midi controllers on ( 2x Novation Launch Control XL + a smaller one)
and i can play widgets when i check.
But no midi activity is shown in the midi monitor.

as audio interface is the right one shown,
ok, i get audio out when i load “Granite” ( a granular sampler that plays a sample in loop)
but i can´t get any Sound out of any on my patches.
These all are dependent on the midi input of the keyboard.

So my problem IS the midi connection vs. GP3

what can i do to debug that situation ?

( what has changed since i played with GP3 the last time ?
i updated the arturia plugins, and i installed the “Exponential Audio” reverbs/FX i got in a package, 2-3 plugins)

long post, sorry / any help MUCH asppreciated :wink:

Any non music related changes? Windows update, AntiVirus updates? Other applications installed?

There’s no magic here. If GP was working and now it isn’t, something outside GP changed.

He is on Mac

Not sure if it would make a differences on mac, but on windows it depends on which usb port you got the controller connected to. Did you changed something there?
Worth a try, I guess.

Are you using Rig Manager?

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Unfortunately (or fortunately :thinking:), not always, that’s what makes the whole stuff so funny on Windows :confused:

Exactly, and underpins the brilliant function of Rig Manager as @pianopaul asked!

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Yes, it is a good thing to use RIG Manager for every piece of MIDI hardware.

i don´t know what this is :oops:

No, no changes.

not changed any of the relevant USB connetions.
ahh wait, i connected the Cirklon Sequenzer via USB to my computer and used the Cirklon to sequenze the modo Bass…and that was the last time i used GP3 would i say.
Cirklon is still connected

i don´t see anything. …exept the above with the cirklon

( i´m a bit sidetracked right now since i had to rebuild my modular racks, and am just in progress to bring my modularsynth back to live ( also dealing with similar strange problems there)
…and next week is it finally cooling down, my computer music season might start then again
( i just lost a i-mac, much likely due to overheating problems, and am even more worried for my macmini 2012 since…) )