Help - upgrade to Mac High Sierra - a good match with GP?

I am gigging with a 2015 MacBook Pro running MacOS Sierra (10.12.6)on a 1T SSD (MVNe) and have been reluctant to upgrade to MacOS High Sierra.

Now I want to upgrade to a 2T SSD but the SSDs I am finding require at least MacOS High Sierra.

Anyone here running GP on High Sierra? Are there issues I should be aware of? Any plugin incompatibilities?

Here’s what I am typically using in my GigPerformer 3 setlist:
Main VST instruments - Omnisphere 2, Blue3, Air Xpand!2, Air DB-33, Pianoteq Stage, FM Tines2, Stylus RMX, Kontakt 5, Session Horns, SampleTank 3, Philharmonik. Wanting to add Roland Cloud and Reason 11.

Main audio VSTs for GP - Eiosis AirEQ, Fabfilter Saturn, McDSP FilterBank & CompressorBank, various Waves (Sheps Omni Channel!), Softube Harmonics, Softube S73, Softube Summit Audio TLA-100A/Grand channel, u-he Satin, EchoBoy, Eventide Ultraverb, Boz ImperialDelay. Plus Bias FX & Helix Native.

High Sierra will be fine to upgrade to - it’s now two generations of OS old; if a plugin developer hasn’t updated their plugin for High Sierra then it’s probably never going to get updated!

The MacBook Pro I use is 2015 on High Sierra and runs GP perfectly :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the confirmation!

I’m running 10.14 on my touring laptops. GP runs just fine. You just need to make sure that the plugins will all work and you may have to confirm with the developers for some of the less well known ones.

I strongly recommend you do a time machine backup before you start. That way, worst case, you’ll be able to easily revert back if you run into a show stopper

Of course! Always!! I am super cautious with redundant backups :wink: But I appreciate the word of caution.

Been checkin with the devs - so far so good…

@dhj Do you prefer 10.14 over 10.13? I read that you were also intentionally staying on 10.12 for a while.

2T MVMe PCIe is working great for mr so far. High Sierra seems to have some quirks tho. May I’m just not used to it yet…

I never actually used 10.13. My main development machine is still running 10.12. What happened was that I bought new laptops for my touring rigs and they had 10.14 on them and since there was no way to install an older version of the OS I was kinda stuck.

10.14 does seem to work ok - at least I haven’t had any issues with Gig Performer nor with any plugins on recent tours or rehearsals.

I was considering leaping to 10.01 Mojave. Anything you don’t like about it?

Mojave is 10.14. As I mentioned earlier, my touring laptops are both running 10.14 now and I haven’t seen any issues.

I decided to leap over OSX 10.13 to 10.14 Mojave. Very glad that I did. Thank you @dhj

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