Help..cant get midi input into global rackspace

in my global rackspace I have IK leslie, i have a midi input from my FBV EXPRESS which is plugged into usb hub,
Im trying to get expression to switch speed from fast to slow which works fine in normal rackspaces.

I cant get the expression pedal on FBV EXPRESS to send midi expression to show up .
i have FBV EXPRESS midi input block going into a midi monitor block to test for midi,
all other cc messages from FBV EXPRESS show up in monitor except midi expression.

midi expression works fine in rackspaces and shows up in global midi

Display your global MIDI assignments, it is probably that you already assigned the MIDI expression in your local rackspace.

yes its assigned once in global MIDI assignments does that mean it cant be used in global rackspace?.
in my local rackspaces i have same expression pedal controlling multiple items at once.

Yes it can only be assigned once.

Of course, if you switch from local rackspace to local rackspace, your MIDI assignments can vary.

can i make my expression pedal in a local rackspace control a widget that sends/passes midi expression to my global rackspace

Create a widget in your global rackspace that controls whatever parameter you want to control and expose that widget as a global parameter. Then put a widget on your local rackspace and map it to the widget on the global rackspace. Control the widget on your local rackspace with your expression pedal

Please see this link: How to control widgets from the Global rackspace in a regular rackspace?


Thanks guys, will try that out tonight, cheers