Hayelp please!

I have downloaded the GP mega (PA subscriber here). Open it up, GP recognises my M-Audio M Track MK2 in the audio i/o section, pop an amp sim in and connect up the ins and outs and - nothing. The interface works fine going into my DAW (PT2020) and I tried it with Amplitube too - all hunky-dory. Suggestions? Mac Book Pro 2019 running Mojave 10.14.6. All ideas welcome.

Can you upload your gig?

By the way, is your amp sim authorized ?
Sometime one forgets to authorize.
Then the plugin can be loaded, but is muted.
You can see when you edit the plugin.

Did you give OS X permission to use the “Microphone”?

Does no harm play a few notes on the virtual keyboard (to the left) to produce sound :wink:

I’ve seen this ‘security’ feature catch out many people on many different apps. It’s worth checking:
System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy.

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He is Talking about an amp sim
Seems there is no Input Signal Prozessed

That can happen if you don’t give OS X permission to use the “Microphone” so it’s worth checking if output is working.

Then I do Not understand this

That’s why I suspect a permissions problem

We will see when we can take a Look at his Gig

We have a winner! This was indeed the issue. Would never have thought to look at that - thanks so much.

To whose “This” are you referring?

Ha sorry - the mic privileges for GP in security settings


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