Having Gig Performer select the correct audio card


The other day, I had a one hour gig at a rest home. Everything set up fine, then I realised I’d left the sound card at home. I now carry a spare. Which brings me to my actual question - Is there a way to set Gig Performer so that it knows which sound card is connected?. I have three audio cards, a Behringer, an NI Traktor and a Babyface Pro. All three have the drivers installed. When I boot up GP, it remembers the last sound card used and gives a warning if it is not the one currently plugged in. GP then goes on to say to select the correct one. After that, the whole gig file reboots so that GP can use the one it wants. Is there a simpler way? Can correct sound card selection be made automatic on initial boot up?


It’s very hard to guess which one would you want. We do make a guess, but it may not be the correct one. What if you have two interfaces connected etc…
We remember the last one - if you have it with you you simply press quit, connect it and start again.

Otherwise - I suggest you quit, then hold down the SHIFT key on the next startup so your gig doesn’t load. Changing the audio interface with an empty gig if much faster so change the interface and then load your gig file.

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Ok, thank you for the response.


Holding the shift key didn’t help. Everything still loaded.


You have to double click on GP to open it, immediately hold the Shift key down and keep it down until GP completes its startup, including initial checking for plugin updates if you have that option enabled