Hardware Not Connected Message


Over the weekend when setting up, my USB cables got plugged in wrong (it has also happened where one did not get plugged in fully). It would be helpful if GP could give a warning about this when started… to avoid that bit of panic and unnecessary trouble shooting as to why I’m not getting any sound.


It does, I believe?..

I certainly get a message pop up when the last used interface isn’t plugged in on starting GP the next time. It will only do it for the last used interface rather than any you have used, but that is fair enough.


It has happened to me at least twice… and I definitely did not get any message…maybe it is an option in preferences? …although I wouldn’t have turned it off. When I have a chance I will check and obviously can replicate on purpose


If your audio interface is not found, the main display of GP3 should turn bright red


Ok I appreciate that. In my case it was my keyboards to laptop USB cables crossed over to wrong input … and once where the cable had just not been fully plugged in


I can confirm I definitely do not get any GP messages when my MIDI In keyboards are not connected as they should be… and as a result get no sound out of GP (sorry if that gave wrong impression I was referring to audio interface)…


.If you have defined keyboards and controllers in the Rig Manager then the Rig Manager window will show what is there and what is not there. Maybe that will help.


Yes, that is helpful. But not as helpful as having an actual message when GP is starting. :slightly_smiling_face: In the moment, it’s not really where your mind generally goes initially, as there are a multitude of other more likely causes.