Hammond B-3X drawbar question

I think I just need a little clarification. I have a gig file consisting of rackspaces with different drawbar settings. There are times when I adjust the drawbars of a specific rackspace and then call up another rackspace. When I go back to the rackspace that I adjusted the drawbars in, it’s still showing the drawbar settings of that adjustment instead of reverting to the settings in the original rackspace. In edit mode, do I need to look at the the Initial value on gig load(Hammond B-3X) settings in order to solve this issue? This Value and/or Also Reset on Rackspace Activation settings?

Yes, that’s correct. By default, widget changes in rackspaces aren’t reset, unless you use those ‘Initial value’ options.

The alternative is to use the Setlist/Song feature in GP. When you link song parts to your rackspace variations, the widgets WILL reset when you switch between song parts.

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You might want to ask @dhj about this comment from another topic, although it might not be exactly what you’re seeking.