Halionsonic VST3 Won't Open


When GP scanned the above it said it was deselected because it wouldn’t open. I don’t know if it is an authorization problem from Steinburg, although it is a working standalone program now… Most likely it is 32bit. In that case would a J bridge work?



Gig Performer cannot use 32 bit plugins.
You should try JBridge or get a 64 bit version.


That’s what I figured. Thanks, where do you get it and do you install it on the HD, or does it have to installed in GP somehow?


You should get it from Steinberg and the installation program does all for you.
After Installation you have to scan the new plugin in the Plugin manager window.
And after that restart Gig Performer.


Thank you for your help


I could never get HalionSonic to work as standalone or VST. Steinberg remote support tried several times and gave up! Hypersonic works as always.