Had my first GP 5 crash

I update to GP5 last week and everything has been working so far. I’m just messing around so far, nothing serious. However, today, I had created a new gig and added a couple VST’s and it was all good an hour or so ago. Then I closed GP 5 and fired up Cubase 13.0.4 and messed around for a while and all was ok there. Then I closed Cubase and opened GP 5 again and brought up the previous gig and saved it as a new gig, different name. IT has EZKeys 2 piano, Keys of the 70’s, and Equator 2 piano preset. I was attempting to add HALion Sonic 7 and GP stopped working so I sent that log. Not sure why GP 5 crashed. I’m going to reboot my computer and try going directly to GP 5 and add HALion Sonic to see if I can add it and load a preset. Hopefully the crash log makes it to the devs to take a look. Thanks!

The culprit is probably a faulty plugin. Have a look here:


It’s time to post here your first GP5 crash log! :slight_smile:
Link: How to post a crash log on Windows

That will show the culprit.

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Thank you for the replies. I just clicked the Send Report button, thinking that would automatically capture a log. If I get another crash I will follow the instructions.
I suspect I did not leave quite enough time between closing Cubase and opening GP and maybe the audio device, UR44C was in a state or Cubase had not yet released it. I did check services and GP was left orphaned probably trying to startup, so I decided to reboot. No problems after rebooting. All is good.
I lean more towards Windows or other running processes as being the issue. This was on a lower end Dell Inspiron 3583 laptop Intel(R) Core™ i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz 2.00 GHz with 16GB ram which is just my test system as it is usually on. I use it just for recording ideas as it has dropout issues even though I have optomized what I can and have Process Lasso running. I still get dropouts when I layer some presets of Equator 2, Falcon 3, Pigments 5. My studio desktop can handle the same project with the same vsts without dropouts. GP5 has not crashed on my studio system.