GUI editing enhancement suggestions and related scripting simplification

Here are some suggestions for features that I think wouldn’t be overly complicated to implement… but would save a great deal of tedious time editing or scripting:

  1. GUI change undo (e.g. ^Z) of at least several undo levels: 1 would be a good start but 10 would be awesome

  2. For grouped controls:
    a. if the group is set for a control, provide individual checkboxes for master and for slave. The idea here is that slaves could respond to a group change yet could override current master’s individual settings. Use case: a master switch for a set of switches that turns all on/off yet each of the slave switches could override the master. Your current implementation would be equivalent to master+slave.
    b. In addition to the above, a non-master control could be allowed to be a slave to multiple masters, allowing useful cascading of groups without a danger of cycles/loops.

  3. If there’s a way to (optionally) allow a control’s display value to be the plugin’s value (e.g. 20,000Hz instead of 100% on a filter), that would be really useful.

  4. Provide a way to flip a meter (if selected, horizontal meters would light-up from right-to-left and vertical meters would light-up from top-to-bottom). And maybe also provide meters with start/stop color for gradations. Use case: LPF and HPF. Another example might be for gain reduction. The color gradations would help solve the issue where 100% should not necessarily be visualized as red relative to lower green settings. Currently the “invert value” checkbox appears to be disabled for meters… and inverting the scale doesn’t appear to work properly (inverting the mix/max seems to rapidly flip back and forth with each plugin value change).

  5. In Editing, allow multi-selection scaling (e.g. multi-selected objects all scale at once). Currently when you have multiple objects selected and click/drag on a handle it only scales the one object.

  6. Provide rules or a visible grid when editing is enabled to help with positioning and alignment

  7. Provide line and rectangle (with rounded corners) panel background objects with opacity levels for visible grouping of controls

  8. In back panel: provide the ability to color cables, maybe also individual cable thickness controls. Use case: in busy routing configurations, key connections can be color-coded or otherwise stand-out.

  9. Allow direct numeric editing of scale and position of controls

  10. Multi-select set value. Use case: highly a bunch of sliders and set the value to 50%

  11. Change a control’s representation without re-creating it. Use case: I want my blue button to be a green button without recreating it. Or my organ drawbar should actually be a slider.

  12. In performance mode, double-click could easily set sliders and pots to 50% (or to some designated canonical value). This is almost expected functionality for many plugins and DAW controls.

  13. Zoom (in all views). Even 25/50/75/100/125% would be great if not continuous zoom.

  14. Right-click and double-click on controls when performing doesn’t do anything. When a control is tied to a plugin, perhaps you could implement a way of assigning actions to double-click and right-flick. For example: have double-click open the plugin associated with that control. Other actions might include: plugin bypass, reset to canonical value (as in “12.” above), set to 0%, set to 100%, disable group association (without removing the actual association), enable group association, etc.

  15. shift-click/drag makes fine adjustments

  16. Provide an optional index mark on background at some user-defined %. For example some sliders might benefit from a hash mark at 50% while other maybe at 85%. Maybe also individually major/minor slide/pot indexes.

This is possible, when the assigned plugin parameter gives back that info

Thanks for taking the time to make these suggestions. Many of them are already in the pipeline for future versions although we unfortunately cannot provide actual release dates.

We truly appreciate your interest in Gig Performer

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Thanks, Paul. I figured it did but it seems like most of the plugins I’ve been using with GP lately don’t seem to send this… so I couldn’t remember for sure if I had seen it before. Strange that so many don’t seem to provide the info; I’ll need to do some comparisons with DAWs and GP because I thought outside of GP I would get that feedback.

Sadly, not too strange – lots of developers display the right thing on their plugin editors but don’t bother to “expose” it through the VST SDK so that a host can see it as well. Gig Performer always requests the “nice” view but it’s 100% up to the plugin to provide it.