Group assign widgets to plugin

just added 18 knobs to a rackspace panel to control an NDSP amp, 3 channels with 6 controls each. sure would be great if i could select all of these knobs and assign them with one click to the plugin. especially as i am going to save this panel as a template and re-use it. and with other amp sims, the same situation obtains.

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I suppose the problem here is that with the 1-click, how does GP know what to assign the widgets to?

A slight workaround - if you weren’t aware - is if you use the ‘learn’ feature, this stays active from widget to widget. So you select the first widget, click learn and the plugin window pops up, select the control you want for the first widget, then select the next widget and select the control in the plugin window, then the third, etc. It’s actually pretty quick to do 18 knobs this way.

i’m thinking that with a group of plugins selected (see jpg), maybe a right click could bring up an “Assign Plugin” context menu item, similar to the “Plugin” dropdown menu in the Mapping section of the Edit page. select your desired plugin, and bob’s your uncle.

That would be great, but how would GP know which of the controls in the plugin to assign each widget to? It doesn’t know which plugin control ‘gain’ or ‘bass’ is so there would have to be some way of telling it these…by which point it boils down to the same as the learn parameter method.

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Sometimes, and especially when you have not enough space on your screen for displaying all the windows at the same time, it is easier not to “learn” parameters and assign them from the plugin parameters list. One clever thing is that GP memorizes the last parameter assigned for a specific plugin. So, if you assign Volume1 to Volume16 you find the next parameter to assign just below the previous one (when plugins are well organized). But when doing so, so more time consuming operation is to assign again and again the same plugin.

Assigning a bunch of widget to the same plugin is this interesting to me.

But, we could go further by selecting, say the volume widgets in the right order and assigning volume1 to the group while the rest of the numbered parameters would be assigned sequentially following the parameter numbers.

I think this (Tonys proposal) is a brilliant idea.
It saves many “pick always the same item from the same list”-clicks.
All that could be done then with just one or two clicks, and after that there will be our beloved learning function coming in to help us finishing the task. :+1:

I think this is the main issue. If what’s being asked for is to automatically assign sequential parameters, how many plugins would this actually work for?

Automatic assignment doesn’t make sense I think. However what really makes sense is to add to GP clever widget group operations. The idea to assign the same plugin to a group of widgets is very interesting even if at the end you learn the exact parameters. And this helps for every plugins parameters assignments.

The additional idea to sequentially assign some numbered parameters is the only automatic parameter assignment I can think of. And there are many plugins where it would help (but not all the plugins if course). When the plugin parameters are organized such that e.g. Volume2 follows immediately Volume1 in the parameters list, assigning manually is quite quick, but when they are organized such that e.g. Volume1 is followed by Pan1, Fx1… it is more painful to assign Volume1 to Volume16 manually.

Is the quick assignment method not good enough or am I missing something ?

Second time somebody opens my eyes today! :flushed::flushed:

It is not equivalent as selecting a plugin for a bunch of widget but it comes very close.

In fact, as I explain earlier and because I don’t have much space on my monitor to display all the windows, I often assign widget from the parameters list. When you do so, you have to select manually in the list of plugins the one you want to assign and this widget after widget.

So, when I follow the procedure of your video, I have to select manually the first plugin in the list for the learn button to appear. If I select a second widget without learning I will have to select again the plugin manually. But, if after the first widget I start the learn procedure, and then ONLY SELECT the next widget I want to assign to the same plugin (without learning any parameter), the widget is automatically assigned to the current plugin. If I continue to clic on other unassigned widgets, they are also immediately assigned to the same plugin.

So this helps definitely, even if it is not equivalent to selecting in one clic the plugin assigned to a group of selected widgets. I can start so and if I want to assign from the parameters list afterwards, the widget are then already properly assigned to the right plugin.

I can start so and if I want to assign from the parameters list afterwards, the widget are then already properly assigned to the right plugin.

that’s exactly it - i’m not concerned about the parameters, i never mentioned that! it just saves me 17 more times of having to select the same plugin for each widget. the parameters, of course those are on a widget-by-widget basis. but saving 17 click-and-chooses would be great. and since somewhere along the line i’ll accidentally choose the wrong one, it ends up being more than 17!


but i do see that using “Learn” in the way you suggest is pretty close to the same, as i don’t need to select the plugin for each widget. in fact, i’d done that before, just somehow didn’t think of it here. if i am careful in my design choices and am not constantly interrupting my workflow, this actually is fine. still, the widget group assign and other possible group actions might be worth thinking about as an alternative.

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