Grid Size and Snap to Grid for control elements

It is a lot of work to align buttons, faders etc nicely in the rack space.

It would be great to have a grid like in Logic Environment or in Photoshop, with 2 or 3 adjustable grid sizes and a “snap to grid” option. Also this function should make control elements snap to certain sizes when dragging them smaller or larger.


And, of course, the much desired “undo” function :wink:



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Why I hope that snap to grid is not a complex thing to implement, is because I can see in the gig files that each widget has values stored for x, y, width, and height. So snap to grid is just a rounding of these values, based on the available grid sizes. I know I’m oversimplifying the effort, but hey… :slight_smile:

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Actually it could be something like Shift+Drag or Cmd+Drag to make the grid apply, that would make it even simpler.

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However, there are no minor changes in a serious software development process. So, I think we have to be patient… but it is sooo difficult :cry:

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