GPScript: SysEx Callback

It would be nice if there was callback responding to SysEx messages in GPScript (or even just a callback that gives you the raw bytes of any MIDI message), so controls that are useless because they send those kind of messages can be mapped to MIDI notes or trigger functions.

I don’t know if this is feasible, though, because MIDI callbacks are bound with a MIDI block, which does not appear to accept SysEx messages. But they still appear in the MIDI console and can be sent to external devices, so GP seems to handle them in some sort of way.

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I like the idea of SysEx callbacks.

But how to parse them?
The content is variable, so get as a string?

Do you know Max/Msp?
I think it would be worth to check out.

Getting SysEx messages as hex strings would be fine (I mean, if you really want to parse those, you’re on your own). There’s also the SysexMessage type, but I don’t know how it works internally and if it could be used to store inbound messages.

As for Max/Msp/Jitter, no, I wasn’t aware of its existence until now, and it looks positively insane

I agree :+1:

With Max/Msp you could get the SysEx, parse and send nomal Midi Messages to Gig Performer.
This way you could react on SysEx Messages :wink:

Some of the OSC features in Gig Performer were developed specifically to make it easy to control Gig Performer from Max.