GPfuzz - Automatic battle testing of rackspaces

I needed something to stress test some parts of my setup (including some problems with plugins that were difficult to reproduce - but GP itself is rock solid for me :wink: ). So I’ve built a rackspace capable of generating random note, CC and PC events which can be sent out to something you want to any MIDI receiving device or application you might want to stress test. Since I figure this would be something other people can benefit from as well, I’m publishing the gigfile here: GPfuzz_v0.2.gig (197.6 KB)

Getting started instructions

Change to connection view and change the device on the MIDI Out block to the device you want to send MIDI data to (e.g. a loopback device). The MIDI In blocks are only used internally and do not forward any incoming MIDI messages, so no MIDI feedback should occur.

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Glad you mentioned that bit :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at it as time permits.

We actually built a testing platform in Max that sends random notes, program changes and all sorts of events to test the entire infrastructure, jumping fast from one rackspace to another and so forth. We have a blog article and video about it.

Will you add OSC bundle message burst too?

We already do! But clearly not seeming to reproduce your issue. I’m probably going to completely overhaul the entire OSC subsystem at some point anyway. It works well enough for the use that it was intended but time permitting, if we can make it significantly more efficient, we will.

Until now I did not plan on doing anything with OSC as the focus was testing plugins and manipulating them via GP widgets bound to MIDI CCs.

Is there a use case where you would find testing of OSC bursts useful?
Also I’m unsure how to do a front panel UI for OSC (setting the topic etc.)

Thank you! :pray: :pray: :pray:

I started to have OSC issues when receiving the OSC bundles sent from my RME audio interface. It is a complicated story, that I still have to clarify, but I was more than busy during the last months. I will post something more clear in the OSC section of the forum soon.