GP4 trial wont activate

When I attempt to activate the trial version of the full Deskew version of GP4, the wizard fails because it thinks I’m not on the internet, but I’m on the internet.
There isnt any option or fix offered, so I’m stuck…


Firewall issues, maybe?
Or running an Anti Virus Programm?

Nope - all firewalls, AV disabled, but still thinks I’m not connected.
What method is used?

And with the browser you can surf in the Web without any issues?

yep - that’s how I’m filling out these posts

Can you post the error message you get?

What tells your windows network status?
Does it say “Connected to the internet”?
I can slightly remember that i once had an issue where my machine said “No internet” but there was, and because of the status “no internet” (even if there actually was!) some kind of software refused to work properly… i can’t remember the details anymore.

Good old - simply restart? (even most of the times its not necessary…)

Hi guys

All fixed now! A firewall service was running from a test I did a few weeks back on a third party firewall in lieu of the MS firewall. It was bypassed & closed but for some reason the service was running still & blocked the app from accessing the web without any alterts or notifications. Uninstalling the firewall app & rebooting fixed it!
Thanks to those who helped.



Really appreciate your reporting the solution - it will help others.

It’s unfortunate that applications (including but not limited to Gig Performer) often get the blame for problems caused by anti-virus and/or firewall stuff running on the machine, particularly when we think they have been properly disabled, etc.

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