GP4 output to Ableton Live

Hi everyone,

I have been absolutely loving GP4 so far!
I would like to know if we can route the output of GP4 to Ableton Live with the same computer (MacBook Pro)

Any help would be truly appreciated!

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Hi @Izzye213, audio or midi?

Please read this blog article: Gig Performer | Recording your Gig Performer performance with a DAW


I do that with an RME interface using the loopback feature of the interface


i ended up with this setup. Its very multifunctional.
its one solution for just about everything.(its vs. mac)

edit: You´re new ? Then to notes: “Blackhole” is a -proven- freeware app. a virtual audio cable (mac only)

i use a second GP instance solely for all audio routing,
plus taming audio for multimedia tasks at home also on this 2nd GP-instance.
( EQ-Compression + volume control, all with hardware remote)

the trick is:

  • my main GP-instance is set to audio out: Blackhole.
  • any other audio app is set to: Audio input + output: Blackhole.
  • use dedicated Out channels per audio app vs. Blackhole.
  • recording channel is allways CH1-2 / = the GP-main out: CH 1-2

this way is Blackhole the universal audio-hub within my mac,
and my second GP-instance is the audio app from where i can control the final output to the AI / speakers => from all running audio apps / edit: incl. HW remote control

optional info:
this 2nd GP instance is the first thing i start after powering on my mac.
( this setup has some more advantages, even for sole GP-play uses => assoon one would intend to use a different Audio IN vs. Audio Out setting on the main GP instance.
Such settings do add “in my opnion” latency => if GP-main has a high CPU count.
using a 2nd GP-instance just alone to run different audio In vs. Out settings feels to me better vs. the overall latency count.
AND: its the answer for all recording tasks within my mac.
with as little juggling vs. settings vs. different use-scenarios as possible.


Hi @rank13 , thank you so much for the question. Audio. However, I think I managed to solve it. I have loopback on my Audient ID4. I am now able to send the audio signal to Ableton and record clips.

Hi @pianopaul, thank you very much! I had a read, and I think loopback works perfectly fine! It turns out I have loopback on my Audient ID4. I am now able to send the audio signal to Ableton and record clips.

Hi @npudar, thank you very much! The link helped.

Hi @Funky40 , thank you so much for your detailed breakdown on how to approach this problem! I think I managed to work around this with the loopback feature on my Audient ID4 (thanks to pianopaul). Ill keep this information, regardless! Thank you so much