GP4 - Effect Matrix - Proof of Concept

To test a set-up of Effects without doing a lot of re-wire within a rackspace i have set-up a Connection-Matrix within the global rackspace and a Matrix of buttons to enable disable connections within the matrix. A bit like the matrix used in the EMS synth.

All the complex wires are now in the global rackspace.

Within the local rackspace it is easy to select de-select an effect. It is also possible to put effect in a parallel or serial path and to to use different effect for different input layers. (see variations in the Gig)

It is also possible to replace an effect on the local rackspace without touching the Connection-Matrix in the global rackspace.

If you don’t have the effects I used - just replace them with your effects. (same is true for the XLN pianos used)

Its mainly a proof of concept.

Be careful: It is possible to have feedbackloops if you select the wrong connections.

If you switch from one variation to another the old sound will be stopped and the the new sound will start - as the connections are changed

It is also ONLY possible to change the connection from the local Rackspace - as the full sync of the widgets between local and global rackspaces is not yet available.

It would be great to have not only a button to enable the connections but also a knob to adjust the gain of the connection. Unfortunately there are not enough parameters available between local and global rackspace to implement this.

Have fun - any feedback is welcome.

GP4 Effect Matrix - Proof of Concept.gig (3.3 MB)