GP with Strike 2 (again)

I’m using the Strike 2 drum vst. It responds to note #38 to start and to note #36 to stop the rhythm and many other notes for changing parts of the rhythm, which I don‘t need. Because I use only one Keyboard (Korg Kronos), I want to start and stop the rhythm with a controller, for example pitch bend, modulation or ribbon controller. Is it possible, to redirect for example CC 1 (127) to Note on D1 (38) and CC 1 (0) to Note on C1 (36), so that I can use a controller to start and stop the rhythm of Strike 2? Or do I need a script? Someone in this forum uses Strike 2, perhaps he has another solution…

The better way would be to use host automation with Strike 2:

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If host automation is not possible, you can add a widget and map it to the Midi In block - there are parameters for each note. You would then midi learn the widget to your controller.

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And a solution could be a script, but I would prefer Host Automation like @David-san mentioned.
Or the solution of @rank13,
Strike2.gig (3.5 KB)

var MIN    : MidiInBlock
    ccv    : Integer
    nm_c1  : NoteMessage
    nm_d1  : NoteMessage

 nm_c1 = MakeNoteMessage(C1, 127)
 nm_d1 = MakeNoteMessage(D1, 127)
On ControlChangeEvent(m : ControlChangeMessage) matching 1 from MIN
  ccv = GetCCValue(m)
  if ccv == 127 then
  elsif ccv == 0 then

rank13 has solved the problem, I use 2 widgets and map them to the midi in block. I use Modulation CC 1 127 = D1 (start) and 0 = C1 (stop). The 2nd widget is inverted. Now it works. Thank you!

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