GP silencing audio tails even though set to 10 seconds

Hi! As described in the topic I’m having an issue with audio tails. I have a gig file with 2 different rackspaces, (two exact copies with Rackspace variations for each song, every other song in the setlist uses the 1st Rackspace, then the 2nd, and so on) so that I will be able to change songs without killing delay and reverb tails when it changes Rackspace variation.
I´ve set the output fading in both the rackspaces to 10 seconds, but it always silence the tail completely after 4 seconds. I’m using mostly Soundtoys plugins (Echo Boy and Little Plate). Anybody else experienced this?

Audio tails don’t work on changing variations.
They work on changing rackspaces.

I know, that’s why I have two identical rack spaces, so every other song in the setlist has a different rackspace from the previous song (as I described).

Sorry, i didn’t describe it correctly in the first post.