GP randomly changing songs during gig

At last nights gig, GP started randomly changing songs, and some songs just wouldnt load at all. My rig has been tried and tested, and i was using it all day before the gig and it was operating perfectly. I have used the same rig for a couple of years with zero problems.
Any ideas? Because im gigging again tonight and i wont have to check anything before im at the venue.

Are you using virtual midi ports? Or any external controllers that are sending PC messages?

Im using an LX88+ and a Novation Impulse 61. Both send out control messages. No virtual ports as far as i know. The thing is my rig has been identical for ages with zeto probs. Why would it suddenly do this?

If you’re not sending PC from these controllers, have you set up in the Global Midi Options to ignore PC from them? This would at least rule out any accidental PC messages coming from them.

Otherwise it’s really difficult to determine without you checking things like the Global Midi Monitor to confirm there aren’t any incoming PC messages. By ‘random’, does it change songs in quick succession, or over longer periods? Do you send out midi messages from the songs or song parts?

Sorry. I do send global midi messages - like move to next song, etc. But all of this has worked without fault for years. And i might alter the volume on the fly as well.
Do you think it could simply be a bad midi lead? I send the global midi messages from the lx88+. Surely its worth swapping the midi lead.

No. Just the two controller keyboards. The first thing im going to do when i set up tonight is to swap the midi leads. The more i think about it, the more i think that could be the problem. Its certainly worth eliminating.


I used one of these for a short while in rehearsals, but had to give up on it as it exhibited some issue like pads being so sensitive they were almost on a hair-trigger and would activate when I was playing the keybed a bit harder than usual or getting some jitter from control knobs and sliders when they should have been static. It’s worth investigating this of you have anything mapped to these items.

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I think it must have been something like that. Anyway, last nights gig went by without the problem occurring. The only thing i did was rewrite the setlist in GP in case the file had got corrupted. So im still really none the wiser, other than it didnt re occur!

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