GP Panel inspired by the Nord Electro Effect Section

Hello guys, and girls.

I’m not using any keyboard controller that’s mine, I mean that I don’t have a favorite and in my ideal world, I’d like to go and play on good weighted keys and that’s all (as long as it was pitchbend and modulation wheel).
However, I need effects and all that good layering that can be present on stage pianos (or synths but I have synths).
I would really like to have something like the Nord effects ‘page’ there :

What would be the best way to do that in GP ?
And what external controller should I get (a robust and reliable one). I thought of the Faderfox EC4 or the Midi Fighter Twister but those doesn’t have ‘buttons’.

I guess the first step is to make all these commun used effects in the global rackspace.

Thanks in advance if you have any tips, hints or advices !!

With all my online friendship :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You didn’t get enough information: these 2 controllers have both 16 encoders + 16 buttons… :wink:

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You can use and adapt this gig file in the new area of the forum…

There is a similar gig this time using the Globalrackspace feature
File > New Gig > Keyboards > Classic keys with master FX