GP is not offering the second and third instance after moving to new PC


I set up a new PC and moved GP to it.
The first instance is opening fine, but the option to open the second instance, which I previously had, is grayed?
Where do I have to put this gig that GP will offering it?

Did you create the additional instances on your new machine?

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Hello Paul,

I made this now, I thought it would copy all settings with the “export/ import” function…
Now I have to set up the midi connections again, not sure how I managed it with the midi
footswitch for my Guitarist …

Copy setting makes no sense as you can use a different hardware on your 2nd xomputer

What exactly do you mean by “moved GP to it?”

Did you download GP from the GP website and go through the normal install process, or did you just copy the folders?

I made a fresh installation and imported the settings which I exported from the “old” system.
The folder “GigPerformer-Gig” f.ex. I copied.

It’s hard for me to tell from your description exactly what you did and what is going on.

I suggest starting up GigPerformer through the windows Start menu (which I think should ensure you’re not opening a named instance) and see if that gives you the options to open additional instances.