GP giving error messages

I’m running V3.6. I’m getting lots of error messages on shutdown almost every time I use GP.

I’ve also sent a couple of crash reports through recently. Any explanation on what might be happening here?

Can you reproduce?
What did you exactly do before this crash occurs?

Getting it too tonight, I’m just saving the gigfile , il be in rackspace mode , saving, them going to setlist mode , saving , then crash (41.4 KB)

The two screen shots I posted appear as Windows is shutting down on the final blue background just before the screen goes dark. How could I reproduce it? GP seems normal until I decide to close off the session, then the message appears just before Windows shuts down. I’m running a brand new installation of Windows here. For me, GP seems unstable right now. I haven’t heard anything back from the two crash reports I sent.

I’ve had those before, it happens when you go to shut down Windows soon after closing GP. Let GP close, wait 30 seconds, then shut down. The errors will go away.

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That’s interesting. I’ll try it. Could that account for the random crashes I’ve been having too?

It will be unloading the racks from ramm i think

@bigalminal Do you close GP before shutting down your computer?

Yes, I always close GP first.

That’s interesting… The error message you posted tells very clearly that Gig Performer (GigPerformer3.exe) is still running:

Between closing GP and shutting down Windows, can you try to look in the task manager‘s process list whether or not GP is actually still running?

If I remember. Usually after a long session of programming GP, getting an error message is the last thing I think of that might happen. I’ll try to go back, but before when I clicked the go back message, Windows just shuts down. My main concern with this message is could it cause corruptions or unexpected crashes the next time GP runs.

If you just wait 30 secs or so after closing gp and then shutting down it will not show that error message


[quote=“onkeyz, post:7, topic:2871, full:true”]
It will be unloading the racks from ramm i think
[/quote] l tried waiting 30 seconds and it the message didn’t show. So that’s great. Thanks for the help. Still wondering whether shutting down too soon is causing GP to crash when opening the next session.

I get the same error when shutting down Windows right after closing GP. Does not seem to affect the next session of GP, but it is a strange behaviour.

This error has been happening since i got gp before version 2. So i dont think its going away anytime soon. Thus isnt the first time it has been brought up. Im not sure if it can be fixed. All i know is that it only happens when doing a shutdown immediately after a session in gp. Have you ever tryed going back into gp straight away after closing it, you cant. It has to unload and i suspect it is still doing that when shutting down causing the error message.

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Just because the main window has gone does not mean that GP has shutdown. It is also trying to gracefully shut down all the plugins that were loaded (some plugins may want to perform some actions when they are being shut down) and that takes time as well.
Shutting down windows before those plugins are all shutdown is most likely why you’re seeing the error.

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