GP freezes in playback mode

Hi, I have a gig next weekend and started to practice my parts about a week ago. I hadn’t run GP for a few months before. Initially I noticed a pretty bad audio performance with a lot of digital noise when running the more complex rackspaces. This issue fortunately disappeared after updating the ASIO driver (I run a Behringer UMC 1820 on Windows 11) but now I get sporadic “freezes” when running in playback mode (i.e. hitting “Play” and running the GP click and wav + midi tracks), that is a few minutes into the song there will be about a second of audio dropout unless the playback will resume and the midi signals from the dropout will be lost, meaning I’ll havew to press the Panic button to stop the last keys I’ve pressed.

What could be the reason for this? I’ve never had this before and I’ve run GP on different machines and with different physical interfaces with different ASIO drivers. How do I even diagnose this?

You are using MIDI.
Any chance you face a MIDI loop?

Thanks for the tip, that seems indeed to have been the issue. I have a midi file running from my rackspaces to LoopBe. As soon as I bypass this, the issue is gone. Fortunately I don’t need that functionality at the moment. Now I just need to find out why this is suddenly happening. Anyway, the issue is solved for the moment, thanks!

Do you have a MIDI In OMNI block in your rackspace?

No, I actually don’t. All my ins are instruments defined in the rig manager. I think it has something to do with LoopBe not doing what it’s supposed to do.

Perhaps you should test with loopMIDI instead of LoopBE to see if the problem is linked to the latter.
loopMIDI seems more reliable to me, it is free and can set many ports.

This virtual MIDI ports usually don’t loop, they stop when detecting a loop.

I also use LoopMIDI now. The only boring thing is that it opens a window when starting. I don’t know if there is an option for not displaying this window :confused:

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And if you right -lick on the LoopMIDI icon and check “Start minimized”?


Here, we’re learning new things every day about GP and a whole lot of other things too!
Thanks Nemanja for the info, now there’s just a quick flash at start-up and that’s it… :+1:

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