GP don't recognize Audio Interface on start up


I’m working with two different audio interfaces. At rehearsals with Radial KeyLargo, at home with Steinberg UR22.
The audio interface is connected to MacBookPro. Starting MBP and then GigPerformer, GP can’t found the audio interface.
I have to select the connected interface in Option Audiosetup and restarting GP.

Is there a way GigPerformer recognize the Interface at first start up?


What version of Gig Performer are you running?




Hmmm, we’re at version 2.6 (just some minor bug fixes) but there have been no changes to audio stuff.

When you select the connected interface in Options, did you press the Apply button?


Updated to 2.6, GP now recognize Steinberg Interface from startup.
Will see when I switch to Radial KeyLargo.