GP crashing my Windows 10 after about 1/2 hour of use?

After being frustrated with my computer getting the infamous Blue Screen of Death for the last three weeks … I have done extensive testing and have determined that GP and possibly in combination with the RME driver I am using is the culprit! I know this because: this weekend I did not use GP and the computer did not crash the entire weekend. I love GP, but this crashing every so often is ruining my mojo and I need to get to the bottom of it. If anyone has had this experience please chime in?

Did you have any plugins loaded (other than our internal ones)?

Generally, my rackspaces utilize: Blue3, Nexus 3, and two or three instantiations of Zebra2. I try not to use VST3 plugins as I have had some problems with those.

So, you are thinking it is the plugins that are the problem? What plugins are you aware of that can cause this type of problem?

Are there any temp files, cache files or config files et al that I could delete?

Not thinking anything yet (though this wouldn’t surprise me)- just working through the process…try leaving GP running for 10 hours without any plugins loaded and let’s see what happens

Blue screen on Windows would indicate an issue with a driver or hardware. A mere application can only crash while only a driver can bring down your entire system.

  • Make sure you use the latest drivers
  • If you are using a USB hug - make sure it’s powered and of high quality.
  • When using RME product it’s best NOT to use a USB hub and plug in directly into a computer USB port with a high quality USB cable. RME products are known to require a really good USB connection.


OK - good idea. I will run just GP this evening with no plugins and let it run over night and let’s see what happens.

I am wondering if RME Total Mix could be a problem for GP … I generally run that as well.

I am going to get in touch with RME today and make sure I am running the correct driver for my Fireface 800 for Windows 10.


Yep, good catch on your “Blues screen caused by hdw or a driver” :slight_smile: … My Fireface is plugged into my computer directly via Thunderbolt.

AS i just said to dhj, I am calling RME today and making sure I am using the correct driver for my application.

Does GP have known problems with RME drivers?

No known issues and we seem to have many users using it without issues. Internally we tested with 1.167 driver and the latest one that came out less than a month ago 1.20

I just spoke to Jeff Petersen from RME and he told me to reinstall version 3.125 which is the version I have been using. I just downloaded it and will install it this evening.

Jeff said, RME has plenty of people using GP and RME products and 99% of them have no problems. I am sending all my screen shots, setup and wiring configuration to Jeff as well for review. Maybe he can pinpoint the problem :slight_smile:


Great - keep us posted and yes - we have a good relationship with RME, their products are fantastic and work really well with GP on both platforms.

Very very very few chances that it is the culpit. I would rather go for one of your plugins. Also don’t neglect to check the health of your RAM (e.g. using

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Or maybe it could be a faulty section on the hard Drive/SSD that is only accessed by a particular plugin (i.e. some samples or such).
Normally a bluescreen always shows a so called “Stop Code”… maybe this could point to the problem (google knows).
Good luck!

I will check my RAM this evening. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: