GP Crashes when "saving lyrics" regardless of formating

GP has not responded to my support ticket after I just purchased it. The New Lyrics feature is causing GP to crash when I go to save the lyrics from it’s window. It makes no difference how I save it… *txt, *.GhoPro…etc. including just saving with no lyrics. I can not find any support on this, including youtube. Has anyone been experiencing this? Have you used this feature, and if so, how are you using it

I also did a full uninstall, which of course like many programs, it does not perform a complete uninstall.

Dell 5566 - WIn10 - Behringer XR18
Thanks Glen

Hi Glen,

what version of Gig Performer do you use?

@Glen we actually responded to BOTH of your tickets (the second one was a duplicate) within minutes of you opening a ticket so please check your spam settings. This was on June 11th
I sent you a PM with the same response just in case.

We’d love to know more. What do you think did not get uninstalled? If you are referring to your settings - it is quite normal for a small settings file to remain on a computer. I also explained in my response to your ticket that your license/settings will remain after you uninstall/install.

@Glen just to ask the same questions again here…

Do you have ANY songs set up when you switch to the Setlist/Song view in Gig Performer?

I’m asking because the ChordPro files are attached to songs in GigPerformer. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense to use that feature. You can use ChordPro with the Rackspace view, but you still have to have songs set up - how else would you switch from one song to the other for example.

GP should still not be crashing so this will be definitely fixed, but the feature is intended to be used with songs.

I am using ver 3, but I am responding to you after I seen a post from support, that it is likely because I did not create a song first before trying to import lyrics, which I believe is the case. Thanks for asking.

Thank you @Glen

The ChordPro support is tightly related to Songs in GP. Each song can be connected to a different ChordPro file and as you flip through songs - the Song Lyrics/Chords window will display the correct content. This can also be used in the rackspace mode and songs can be navigated using the Songs list within the Lyrics/Chords view, but the Songs themselves must be set up nonetheless.

Without a song - there is no point in having the ChordPro file, but GP should have still not crashed. We will fix this issue (it is in fact already fixed in our codebase) and the fix will be available in one of the next updates.

Thanks for reporting this.

I stand corrected. djogon from GP did respond immediately, however, I am new to this forum format, or did not receive his email for one reason or another. He was very helpful, and even though I did not see any documentation or video’s explaining the importance of creating a song first, then adding lyrics ( which links to the song file ). I think it would be helpful, in an instance when a new user tries to edit lyrics and save them prior to creating a song file, that a little pop-up would explain you can’t do that, as well as possibly preventing a crash and losing anything you worked on up to that point. STILL - A great program with a work in progress. Something you don’t get from a lot of software developers these days. Thanks

The crash has already been fixed for a future release.
Thanks for the kind words