GP crashes on Predator 2 Save As


Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I have generally found Predator (original or 2) to be pretty stable. If I edit a patch and try to do a Save As in the plugin, GP crashes instantly, the plugin sticks around for a few more seconds. The second instance, a simple on rackspace plugin to handle the page turns going to Mobile Sheets, was unaffected.the first time this happened. I was able to relaunch GP and it loaded the last saved version of the gig file and played notes in the selected rackspace, but it would not respond to mouse input, MIDI program changes from MobileSheets, or anything else.

The Save As functionality on Predator 2 is available without issue in Forte and Cantabile.


It’s really important to understand that this does not imply that there’s a bug in Gig Performer. Many plugin developers write the bare minimum that they need and not necessarily implement all features property. if it seems to work on some hosts they select, they consider their job done. But other hosts (and we are most certainly one of them) require a more “complete” implementation following the VST specification and may be trying to call functions on a plugin that the plugin should support but doesn’t. Another classic issue is where a plugin should be locking access to certain functions but isn’t and because some hosts don’t provide certain functionality, it doesn’t matter but in other hosts it could most definitely be a problem.

Have you contacted the developer of Predator and reported this issue?


I have submitted a ticket to Rob Papen and linked this thread.


Excellent. I’m a big fan of Rob Papin, have a few of their plugins personally. Hopefully we’ll be able to work with them to figure out what’s going on here.


They are interested in getting a copy of GP to test with.
As I also told them, the crash is repeatable. Modify the patch in the P2 window, execute Save As, and processes run with progress shown until the point where you would expect to return to ready mode. Instead, at that point the main GP window evaporates, leaving the P2 window up for a few seconds (I didn’t time it) before it disappears as well. The second instance (used to pass page turns to MobileSheets) is unaffected, but I think everything has to start from scratch for it all to work. The file that should have been stored is not.


If you have a contact there, please message it to me and I’ll reach out to then


I haven’t heard from anyone there but you could let them know that they can download trial version from our site and it will run fully functional for two weeks so if you provide them the appropriate steps, they should be able to reproduce the problem quickly.