GP Crash Issues


I’m experiencing a lot of crashes with Gig Performer when working with 2 instances.
I will attach three crash reports. Hope you that helps.
Crash (83.5 KB)

Seems there is an issue with Core MIDI.
What happens when you disable alle MIDI Ports in the 2nd instance?

@Keyflow - thanks for the reports.

It is typically very helpful if you provide the steps you are using to reproduce this and also what does it really mean a lot of crashes? Same crashes, how often, what were you doing when it crashed.

I can see that in at least one of the crashes you were opening/closing the options dialog and that’s when it crashed. Can you confirm please?

Is it possible that you created a MIDI feedback loop in your two instances? Sending MIDI using IAC and using the MIDI In OMNI blocks? This would be my bestt guess for why this could be happening. Could you please confirm.

Thanks again!

Thanx both for your reply.
The crashes happened at different moments so hard to recreate. But here is the general story: I’ve created a gig file with 30 sounds (omni, Keyscape, Kontakt and play strings). I use 2 instances and load in both instances the same gigfile.
1 or the other instance of GP crashes almost every time I use GP.

  1. Yes, the last crash happened when I closed the option window. Even with buffer size 128 I have audio dropouts. My MacBook specs: 16-inch 2019, 2,3 ghz 8-core Intel Core i9, 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, SSD hd. OSX: 10.15.5. Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo 8 (firewire). I wasn’t changing the settings (just looking). When I closed the option window, GP crashed.
  2. I’ve deselected the midi ports as Paul described. So now I only use the midi in port from the keyboard (shut off IAC Driver). The only thing they both share is a Korg Nano Controller for selecting patches and changing widgets.
    I will check this week If the crashes reoccur.

About the feedback loop: The IAC IN and OUT port was activated on both instances. I thought I wasn’t using it, but I saw a Midi out block connected to the IAC Driver. That probably caused the loop. IAC Driver Ports are now deselected: I will check this week.

The audio dropouts (and crackles) are another thing. I will set the buffer to 512 samples to check if that’'s the problem. 512 isn’t great for playing :frowning:

Thanx for your help.

What is the reason you’re doing this? Just trying to get a sense of your setup and workflow…

Also - could you please check your hardware devices and see if some are sending a very fast clock messages or something similar.

In case of a live jam kinda situation where there isn’t a setlist: I want to use all the 30 sounds on both keyboard independent of each other. I if I don’t use a second instance I have to create all the possible combinations for 30 sounds for both keyboards or am I doing something wrong?

(For the shows with a setlist I could program the right combinations)

I use 2 keyboards:

  • Yamaha S90ES (midi sync internal, clock out on, seq ctrl in/out)
  • Yamaha MOTIF XS7 (midi sync internal, clock out: off, seq controller off
    Is there a way to check this. I can’t see any clock activity on the midi monitor.

I see - you have one instance per keyboard which is a good approach if you want to independently control things.

The strange thing is that the report you sent indicate that there is something going on with MIDI and MIDI data has been received by GP so I’m wondering what is sending that data.
It has to be either your hardware or some kind of software producing MIDI and creating a loop.

I’m gonna check all the midi routings and will come back to you with the info.

Do you have any tips on this audio buffer issue? I don’t have this issue with the same setup on mainstage.(the audio buffer occurs also with 1 instance)

Can you check what plugin is using much CPU?