GP can't find new plugin

I just installed a rotating speaker AU and VST on my mac into the AU and VST folders in library. GP can’t seem to find them for some reason. Any clues?

Did you scan in plugin manager window?
And for AU plugins to be visible after installation you have to restart your Mac

is it 32 or 64bit??

64 bit

What’s it called, from where did you get it?

No, I just let GP scan when it starts up.

Do you see that plugin in red at the bottom of the plugin manager window?


please delete the red entries an do a rescan

What is the name of the plugin?

MDA leslie.

Deactivated after failing to initialize.

did you delete the red entry and do a rescan?

Are you using this?
MDA AU Plug-in Pack 1.0.2

What OS-Version are you using on your Mac?


Sure, but what version?

The same, 1.0.2

I meant your OSX-Version
For example High Sierra or Catalina or ?


I am quite sure MDA 1.0.2 is way too old for Catalina.