GP and Lemur Template almost working


Hello, I’m a new GP3 user. I like the product concept but am unable to get Lemur working properly.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • downloaded the “Template for Gig Performer 3” from the GP Knowledge Base
  • created a new GP3 gig with an empty rackspace and a rackspace with 10 faders
  • named the 10 faders Slider 1 through Slider 10 to match the names in Lemur (and “Enabled OSC” for each)
  • note: I’ve made no changes to the “Template for Gig Performer 3”

And, here’s what I see: when I first start up, all faders work as expected in GP3 and Lemur. But, when I switch from the Empty rackspace to the rackspace with 10 faders only nine faders show (i.e,. fader 9 is blank in Lemur).

Here’s the GP3 file:
10Faders_2.gig (23.6 KB)

I hope someone can let me know how to get this working properly for all 10 faders. Thanks.


You should Enable OSC for Slider10


OSC is enabled for all sliders, including Slider 10


I opened your gig and it was not enabled.


Sorry about that Paul.

Here’s a gig file with OSC Enabled for all sliders and, unfortunately, the original problem I described still exists when using this file.

10Faders_2.gig (23.6 KB)

FYI, I updated my original post to include the correct gig file.


There is a bizarre bug in the Lemur editor that seems to be the cause of this. I’m looking into it


Thank you dhj


What did you find after looking into the Lemur bug?


We couldn’t find anything yet. Will let you guy know if anything pops up.