GP 3.7.1 loads plugin although it´s disabled

One of my Test-Gigs is crashing when I start it. Looking to the crash dump it seems because of “good old” OP-X PRO-II :wink:
I sent the Crashdump.

But there are three things I don´t understand:

  1. I have other Gigs including OP-X PRO-II that load without any issues.
  2. When I disable OP-X PRO-II GP still crashes
  3. When I load a working Gig incl. OP-X PRO-II while OP-X PRO-II is disabled, it still loads it.

Is it a bug or a feature?


Could it be related to the VST version? (VST2 or VST3?)

Could you please, reduce your gig file to the smallest possible file size that illustrates what you are describing and post it here?

No both Gig files use VST3 version

how can I reduce the gig file when it´s crashing all the time?
But luckily it´s only a small test gig anyway so here it is.
OP-X_crash.gig (394.3 KB)

I can confirm the behaviour.
I created a gig with Blue3 VST
I saved it and in plugin manager I disabled Blue3 in Plugin Manager
When I restart Gig Performer and load the gig, Blue3 is loaded.

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Thanks for reporting this. We will work on an improvement to this behaviour so that disabled plugins do not load when you load a gig file.