GP 2.6.2 - No way to save button widget value


Hi All,
Today I have updated GP to version 2.6.2
Im running Windows 10 64 bit , 6 gb ram
The problem that was present in version 2.3 ( and fixed in 2.4) is now already present.
There is no way to save th value of widget.

I have a rackspace with 2 variations and 2 plugins

  1. Piano
  2. Piano and Pads

There are two button widgets that bypass midi plugin
In the first variation, the value of the button widget is off , in the second the value is on
I save the file . gig and when i reopen the file the widget is Always off.

Check and let me know thanks


Could you please attach your gig file?
Why is this in the “Tips and Tricks” section?


Hi…i posted it in the wrong section, but i cant delete it.

I can attach the file tomorrow, but the problem is present in every gig file , so you can simulate it


The problem is that I cannot reproduce that issue. Really need your gig file t see what’s going on there.



I edited the rackspace and recreate the button and now its working fine.

Maybe tha gig file was corrupted.

I will keep you updated



I would hazard a user error at this point actually. You may have had “Recall on load / activate” button set for some of those widgets which would reset the value on load/activate…