Global tuning for au-plugins

When seeing the news that it will be a global transpose-function in GP4, I want to request the possibility to tune all plugins on a global level or adding a MIDI-filter without latency where this is possible. In other words, the possibility to tune them in 442 instead of 440. I work with a lot of different projects in a lot of different venues and contexts and use synths (through Gig Performer) together with a grand piano. One night you play in a club where the piano is 440 and the other night in a concert hall where the tuning is 442, even 443 in some cases.
PLEASE add the feature to fine-tune plugins so I don’t have to make several different versions of the same backspaces and concerts!

I know some plugins which have the options to set this tuning away from 440, but not all.
Global transpose means that incoming Midi Notes are globally transposed, this has nothing to do with tuning of plugins.

Big topic… most certain in need of standardisation…

Latest developments that I’m aware:

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Yes, most of them have this option. Whatever the technical solution would be, I still really want and need this feature in GP. Should be easy to fix. I’ve tried to find a plugin that does this but haven’t succeeded yet. Any ideas?

I used a widget mapped to the global tuning.
Now it is dead simple to choose between tunings.

I am not sure if tuning of an AU plugin is standardized, so that GP could take advantage of that.

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That’s MIDI (Chromatic) tuning. He wants to adjust the actual frequency of each plugin so that A (for example) is 442 Hz rather than 440 Hz

Why do you think it should be easy to fix?

There is no standard for setting the frequency of A (say) to some desired frequency, many plugins don’t even support the ability at all.

If all the plugins you need to use support adjustable tuning and they expose that tuning adjustment as a standard host automation parameter, then you could create a script with Gig Performer’s programming language that, given some frequency as an input, could adjust the tuning frequency of each plugin based on its own ranges. You could then control that script with a widget to set the tuning as needed.

But given that each plugin will do it differently, e.g. Pianoteq lets you specify an arbitrary value, the Legend doesn’t have it at all, so you would have to use a combination of SEMI and FINE of each oscillator.

Without a standard, there’s no way for Gig Performer (or any other host) to know how to specify the tuning of each plugin.


Thank you for this info, keyman! :slightly_smiling_face:

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