Global effects rack

It would be cool if you add a global effects rack - the one the would stay unchanged across all of your gig’s rackspaces. It could be used for global effects - sometimes it’s a good idea to have a common reverb, chorus, delay global effect instead of creating one in each rackspace. There should also be a global rack send mixer plugin that could be used to connect current rackspace with the global rack.
I do understand that a separate instance of gig performer could be used here, but that requires some virtual wiring and it seems to be an awkward solution for such an obvious thing in my opinion.
Thanks for your attention)


Are you on Mac?

No, I’m on PC

OK, I think there should be similar on PC.
On Mac one could use Loopback to send audio from Gig Performer to a 2nd instance of Gig Performer.
This way the 2nd Instance is what you call “global effect”.

On windows I think it is called “Audio Jack” but I am not sure.

Thanks! I know how to do such a connection, I only think that two instances is an awkward solution for such an easy task. Loading two instances requires more time, more clicks. I would like to have a faster and easier solution for that.

Yes I know what you want to say.
But it sounds more complicated than it really is.
Give it a try.
With OSC you can control the 2nd instance from the 1st very easy.
And(!) the 2nd instance can use different cores than the 1st instance, so the usage of CPU power is
spread over the CPU

I too want global settings for master volume, global filter cutoff, metronome volume and enable, and a mono enable switch. These should not change when I change rackspaces.

A global rackspace would do it.


Ideally all rack panels would have inputs and outputs for audio and MIDI and OSC so it can be routed to the other rack panels.

See my other request where the need to route connections between rack panels would be useful and save time.

Ideally the global rack panel, like all rack panels would save both front and rear of the panel. The widgets on the front are mapped to blocks on the back and when you save/recall a rack panel you get them both and the connections are intact. I also want to restore all my MIDI and OSC mappings so my external controller doesn’t have to be remapped.

Workflow is the next great improvement for GP. I can do most everything that I want but I have to invest a crazy amount of time to get there. Saving rack panels front and rear with mappings intact is the number one thing you can do to save time. The ability to have a global rack panel fits that UI nicely.

Thank you for all your ideas… we’re constantly developing and moving forward based on your input - please keep it coming - we’re listening (and, more importantly, writing things down :slight_smile: )!

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For me the latency in loopback is unbearable.

And global script. I hate having to copy and paste my script 30 times!

I would too love this for the audio player - it’s quite uncool to have the backing track stop when I switch to another rackspace, requiring me to either play it on multiple spaces similary or use a second instance, which quite doesn’t work for my PC (whyever).

For me a “global rack” is a must have.

I want to use GP für playing Guitar. There is Amplitupe an some FX Plugins that I use.
But I need a global Volumecontrol, EQ and Compressor. And an audiomixer - so that I can send the Guitarsignal to the PA AND to my personal monitor.
Now, if I want to change the main EQ settings, I want to change this in one Rack for all Sounds that I use.
And changing the rackspace should not change the global Settings.

+1 for a global FX rack (for eq, compression, saturation,… etc) that is at the end of every song.
AND a background rack that is for the whole system (for adding global functions like mixing secondary audio channels and other global functions.

I’m on Cantabile and I have it working like that all the time.
And without this I won’t make the step to GP.

A Global effects rack (actually something a little more general than that) will be in our next major version.
In the meantime, there are several other ways to accomplish this on Windows

  1. Set up a second instance of Gig Performer and create a single rackspace with your desired effects

2A) if you have a multi port audio interface and don’t need all your ports, use a couple of them to route a pair of unused outputs into a pair of unused inputs.


2B) Use a virtual audio port to give you some extra ports

  1. Route your desired audio (the ones to which you want to add global effects) into the outputs of these new ports. They will show up as new inputs on the second instance of Gig Performer. You can then create your desired effects there and route the results to outputs that go to your PA

Yeah, a bit of a hassle but because this is eminently doable, global racks became less of a priority in the shorter term

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He EsGee,

I would like to know why you consider switching to Gig Performer?
My reasons to switch from MainStage:
CPU usage
Memory Usage (predictive load in Gig Performer!)
Flexibility in Routing
Widgets in Variations
The power and ease of use in scripting
Last but not least: very super support by the developers !


Hey pianopaul, I cannot answer because of the forum system on the first day?
UDPATE It worked now :slight_smile: I try to send you a PM.