Gigperformer4 crash when closing

When I add a VST plugin to the wiring view, then close Gigperformer4 without saving first, the question 'Save changes to '. When I click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Gigperformer seems to close without problems. However, in the Windows Application Log (event viewer) an error and two informational messages are recorded: Error event id 1000 (Application Error) and 2 times event id 1001 (Windows Error Reporting).

This occurs for plugins from various vendors (but not all), including vendors that are known to deliver well-programmed plugins.

When I save the Gig before closing, everything is fine.

Gigperformer3 seems not exhibit this behaviour.

Hi Frank,

I’ve just tried to reproduce your issue with the latest Melda Bundle (MAudioPlugins v14.16), and MAGC (both VST and VTS3 versions) and I experienced no issues - no entries in Event Viewer, Windows Application log.

However, these errors indicate that there are possible conflicts between applications on your Windows.

Here are some tips to try to resolve this issue:

Note to the Community: Frank reported problems with some plugins, i.e. Melda’s MAGC.


I can report that Gigperformer4 is working fine: There was one plugin in the VST3 folder that was halfway development. I Removed that one, did a full rescan of the plugins and now Gigperformer4 is happy (and so am I).

BTW: I mentioned MAGC from Melda because in my experience Melda is an unsuspected source for plugins.


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